Beyond the Seven Summits, refers to the other Peaks and Landmarks that were reached within the Seven Summits project. Most of these expeditions were in preparation for more difficult summits to be attempted later on. In the case of the South Pole, the idea was that having traveled to Antarctica to climb Vinson, it would be a pity not to "go the extra mile" to reach the Pole and place our flags at this remote location "down under". By the same token and despite its danger, the North Pole was deemed appropriate in order to complete what is referred to as "the three Poles", Everest being the third one.

These non-Seven Summit peaks and landmarks were climbed in that order and for the following reasons:

  • Mount Rainier, Washington, USA. In preparation for Mount McKinley three weeks later.
  • Cho Oyo, Nepal / Tibet. In preparation for Everest ultimately.
  • Mount Aspiring, South Island, New Zealand. After climbing Kosciuszko. One of "the three Matterhorns".
  • The Geographical North Pole. One of "the three Poles".
  • Gasherbrum I, Pakistan. preparation for Everest ultimately.
  • The Geographical South Pole. After climbing Vinson. One of "the three Poles".
  • Island Peak, Nepal. In preparation and acclimatization for Ama Dablam Three weeks later.
  • Ama Dablam, Nepal. One of "the three Matterhorns", the toughest one by far.
  • The Matterhorn, Italy / Switzerland. The last of "the three Matterhorns".